Hi, I’m Amy Fitzpatrick. I moved from Vancouver B.C. to Southern California in 2004 and like most of you, there are a few things in life I enjoy. My dogs, my friends, being organized, entertaining guests and the comfortable feeling of self-accomplishment. Cooking is a vehicle I use to be with my friends and entertain. I attended and graduated from the Laguna Culinary Arts School because I wanted to learn to do it better.

The more skilled I am in the kitchen the better the entertaining experience will be and the more assured I am to see happy faces in the dining room. It is a lovely feeling of accomplishment. I’m sure most of you can relate.

I’ve been fortunate in my culinary career, as I’ve had the opportunity to work under some practiced chefs. I’ve learned the tricks of the trade in catering from a French Chef who runs and manages the kitchen of a private club in Southern California. I’ve traveled to Burgundy and Bordeaux, France to cook the regional food and I’ve been lucky enough to travel through Italy and Spain to sample the local dishes.

I’m a bit obsessed with cookbooks. I buy them and read them like you read a novel. I curl up on the couch with my dogs and get lost in those books. I’ve read and keep a library of over 300 cookbooks. In between the cookbooks I manage a catering and personal chef business.

Now a-days it seems like everyone in Southern California is a foodie. People trade stories of where they ate and what they had like it was sport. We are in exciting times for the culinary arts. Fresh produce, local farms, open-air markets, it’s wonderful! This rediscovery of food inspires and helps me to deliver quality, tasteful and unique products to my clients and friends.

My vocation has exposed me to a wide range of tastes so I excel in creating custom menus. I am well rounded in the kitchen so my “style” of cooking can range from “comfort food” to a fusion of Asian and European tastes. I always focus on taste and use fresh ingredients because they go hand in hand.

I don’t believe I will disappoint you.

Lets talk about food.