personal chef

Contact Delish Dish and an appointment will be set up to meet with you at your home.
As your personal chef, I want to understand what you like to eat, your dietary goals, whether you have any medical situations that need to be addressed, whether you have any allergies or food sensitivities, or whether there are certain foods you just don’t like. All you need to do is tell me what you need, it's that simple. With this information, I will customize menus for you that reflect these guidelines and assist you in selecting an initial set of entrees for your first cooking date.

special events

This is exactly how Chef Amy looks at your event, it's special.  You actually have nothing to do but consult on your custom designed menu.  Your rentals are all taken care of, bar staff and servers if you wish and after the event, a clean kitchen!

One other difference in a Delish Dish Event is Chef Amy adds two very special components to every event. "Passionate concern and extreme attention to detail."  All you do is show up and enjoy an amazing, memorable event!